Archies Footwear

Arch support Thongs

Archies Thongs look just like ‘normal’ thongs, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort beyond what is thought possible in a regular thong.

This is why Archies Thongs are the choice for many of Australia’s elite athletes and recommended by thousands of Australia leading Physio’s and Podiatrists.

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What's actually wrong with typical thongs?

1. They are flat and offer the feet no support

This can be a problem for all foot types as we have become conditioned to wearing footwear with support, however it is particularly a problem if you have over-pronation (feet rolling inwards). Over-pronation can occur in all foot types, but it’s more common in people with flat feet. In flat thongs, there is nothing to help support the foot in an optimal position and subsequently the foot rolls in and so too does the lower limb/leg, causing a disruption to the body’s natural alignment and alters the way that stress and strain are absorbed through the body


2. They have loose straps which alters your normal gait

The problem with regular thongs with a loose strap is that the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the thongs on the feet.

3. The heels are commonly flat

Most thongs are very flat in the heel section with little to no elevation which can put a lot of stress and strain on the calf and Achilles tendon. The lower your heel is to the ground, the more your Achilles will be on constant stretch which can predispose the user to problems such as Achilles tendinosis.