Children's Podiatry

Feeling annoyed and irritated by heel pain?

You might have Plantar Fasciitis and seeing a Podiatrist is the best way to get a proper diagnosis.

Podiatry is for all ages. At Local Podiatry we can help your children with a range of problems from:

– Flat Feet

– Walking Problems

– Growing Pains

– Tired/Sore Legs

– Heel Pain

– In-toeing (Pigeon toeing)

– Sports Injuries

– Plantar Warts

– Ingrown toenails

– School Shoes


We provide the following services:

– If your child is complaining of tired and aching legs and/or feet, growing pains

– pain when playing sport or are having difficulty with their running or walking then we recommend a Biomechanical and Gait Assessment

– Your Local Podiatrists will be able to assess their lower limb biomechanics and muscle structure and put together a treatment plan for your child and monitor their progression

– Strengthening and stretching exercises

– At Local Podiatry we have a specific range of orthotics that are designed for children and cost effective, taking into account their growing feet

– Footwear advice

– Ingrown Toenail Surgery